Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Works in progress

so i start a lot of pictures and concepts and inevitably there isnt time to finish them all but i want to share what one day will be and what could have been with you just because i know i wont be able to finish them all
i want to start with a strider 2 redesign i want toand have been doing for the last few months. i havent had a chance to work on it much lately but here are the roughs so far. and yeah not 1 character is finished and no i havent started strider yet. my eventual goal is every character and vehicle and environment in the game
but ill stick to characters for now
i started doing this super serious high tech realism thing but realized i always do that crap. why take something fun and make it too serious? so i decided to get a little more fantasy sci fi with them. you cant see a lot of it here yet as most will be in the detailing but im committed to these if it takes me a year

strider hien. i already want to start over . hes too serious

serios heads with bad hair

this is the 1st mid boss. i loved the idea of a fat chinese cyborg he is without the robe here. i need to redo the claw arm and do a separate image with his gut cannons exposed

these are the 3 kuniang martial arts sisters wips. still a long way to go but i have been having fun with them

there is this robo knight on a robo horse named metal hengst and i wanted to make he and the horse one
i havent put him on top yet but the horse's head is now some sweet motorcycle grips

this dude is just a soldier from the last level. i really liked the design so i did a sketch during lunch

at some point strider invades a castle for no reason and fights a bunch of knights
this one is the boss with a sword made of buzz saws. he's summoned by a wizard dude so i gotta do him too

strider also fights a nuclear reactor otr something in the 4th level. it took me a while to realize there was a chick in the reactor so here she is . she looks like a nun or something

for some reason a scientist turns half walrus and starts going nuts on strider and his friend turns into a panther or something. weird science indeed

strider fights a 4 legged robot on a wall for some reason

Finished Works

here is some recent and semi recent finished stuff to look at while i make more art :)

finished work!

here is a ton of finished work just so you have a chance to look at something while i finish more
it seems time is never really on my side, im not the fastest artist out there (tho not too slow) and now i have a daughter, full time job and a bit of freelance work all grabbing me and pulling me in separate directions, but i try my best to get personal work done.
some of this is personal some professional but no matter how much of a pain any of them were , they were all pretty fun.

i used to work construction. that was not fun.

these images were done for a split 12inch record for the bands part chimp and torche
if you want it you can buy it here

New beginnings

so i have decided to reboot my blog
i had left it old and stale for too long, soaking in its own musky juices, and i want to start fresh
new artwork and a new dedication to post talk and show process and work in progress. im going to start with a huge dump today and start adding works in progress as well as finished pictures
hope you have the time to enjoy, hate, tear apart these images as i have worked pretty damn hard on all of them :)