Sunday, January 27, 2013

I have Class?

new stuff from the class just went over some rough stage polish/color stuff and now about to teach some rendering techniques. i have packed way to many examples into one image so i think i need to rethink it and break it up into bite size chunks.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Entertain This?

SOOOOOOOOOOO i have started teaching entertainment design at OTIS college of art and design, the same school i attended for just 1 semester in incredibly honored to be offered this job so im taking it really seriously. so seriously in fact, that i am doing all of my assignments at the same time as the students. mainly to prove that all the work is doable (if i can do this with my job, kids,wife and freelance i think anyone can) here is my "syllabus" (an image that pretty much lays out every final image my students will create) and the materials i have made for the class and a sneak peek at tomorrow's assignment (tho i wont describe much here, i dont want the students to start without the lecture/ demo) hope you enjoy. one day soon ill post more personal stuff :)