Saturday, December 17, 2011

contest results

we had a great turn out for the hunter and pet sci fi character challenge with the crimson daggers. 18 entries!
i decided i would follow the topic as well and do something fun so here are my results. i plan on finishing this but here is a WIP

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crimson Daggers Challenge and a terrible ancient drawing

So i was talking to Daniel Warren tonight during his study painting Livestream for the Crimson Daggers. He said he had never really done sci fi work before so i took that as an excuse to make up an assignment for him ... which has now become a Crimson Daggers assignment. (for those who wanted it, you know who you are;P ) I decided to give them a topic i had done years ago, the results of which landed my first freelance games industry job.
so here is the assignment for you daggers out there

Sci-Fi Hunter and Pet:
hunter: i want character to show up in this design. not just in the clothing or outfit but in the pose
tell me something about his/her personality with your image
pet: Can be anything, should have just as much character as the hunter and possibly reflect or compliment the design
sci fi: you know what sci fi is. When you have to explain it, you have done it wrong.

you dont need a background i just want to see these characters in all of their glory
and in the interest of full disclosure here is my piece from 8(?) years ago
remember people this is OLD WORK hahah
what was i thinking with those difference clouds and those sweet Kmart sneakers?