Saturday, March 10, 2012

here is the work from my last week of livestreams!
the guy and 3 armed cyborg aren't finished but will be soon (monday or tuesday)
come on over to livestream . follow me on twittard to know when @claximumOD


Artaphrax said...

Hey Trevor,
I was wondering.

Where do you find the reference to build up these suits? Or do you paint it all from your head?

Thanks a lot!

2akk said...

awesome dude!

phiq said...

Love that Cakeybabes9, great work.

trevor said...

its all in my head artaphax...for now . mwahahaha
thanks guys

Artaphrax said...

Thanks dude :)

nooby said...

awesome characters ! love the design, shading, gestures , everything !